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  • Virgin America brand to cease


    In a shock to many, Alaskan Airlines have announced they will shutter the Virgin America name and logo sometime in 2019. 

    Virgin had been voted best domestic airline 8 years in a row. Until now it was expected that strong branding and customer services would keep Virgin in the skies. 

    Many had criticised the high purchase price for the airline and this will no doubt draw further criticism considering Virgins strength laid in its strong reputation among flyers.

    Over the last decade airlines have combated the threat of terrorism, high oil prices and the GFC downturn. The purchase followed a trend of consolidation within the US market. By acquiring Virgin for USD2.6 billion, Alaskan have become the 5th largest carrier in America, now with significant presence on the west coast.

    As part of the announcement, Alaskan also mentioned a redesigned cabin with new seat designs and retrofitting high speed satellite WiFi to improve in flight experience.

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