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  • Asbestos Update Regarding Vehicle Imports


    News coming in that Importers needs to have evidence and assurance the goods being imported are asbestos free, via having testing done by a NATA approved tester facility prior to Export and Asean can submit the testing certification on arrival in Australia.

    Australia has a ZERO asbestos tolerance , goods found to contain asbestos or asbestos fibre are prohibited.                        

    See below the information we have received from Customs , as more information comes through we will send through accordingly.             

    Introduced on 6 March 2017 a community protection question as it relates to vehicles (whether new or used) is being added. Note, this includes motor vehicles, off-road vehicles and motor cycles etc. For those who deal with the motor vehicle industry in all of its forms and in relation to parts for that industry, the unintended, or perhaps intended consequence of this new CPQ, is to say the least an outcome where there clearly needed to be significant consultation with importers, stakeholders and service providers to the industry sector.

    The importance of undertaking appropriate testing and assurance for automotive parts (and clearly understands the difficulty of this compliance issue with vehicles that do not have an extensive history of mechanical repairs or as to whether those repairs of key components, which could have an at best linkage, are able to be judged on the basis of available information to correctly answer the CPQ). While it would be appropriate for a reasonableness test to exist in relation to any appropriate level of protection to meet the determined risk on asbestos, this is currently not the case, and even with best endeavours, any outcome relies on certification from the importer or exporter in relation to asbestos aspects.

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