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  • Qantas begin PER to LHR


    Qantas' first Perth to London direct flight took off this week. The QF9 is expected to carry a maximum 232 passengers and 16 crew inside the 787-9 Boeing aircraft.

    The 17 hour journey is a far distance from the 4 day, 7 stop-over marathon the route used to be in 1947.

    The daily flights will co-incide with the new Perth lounge which has a strong focus on reducing jet lag and improving passenger experience such as "light therapy" and wellbeing studios offering stretching and breathing classes.

    The QF9 now becomes the third longers commercial flight in operation and the worlds longest Dreamliner flight. Analysing wind pattern data for over a decade, the pilots will follow different flight paths depending on the best winds to increase fuel efficiency and speed.

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