Special Projects

Special Projects

Drawing on an experienced and knowledgeable staff, Asean is well suited to the added difficulty and complexity of special projects. Our strong focus on planning means being well prepared for the added challenges inherent in special needs shipments. Whether the cargo is oversized/overweight, has a sensitive production schedules or dangerous goods, we can assist.

Many freight agents claim to handle special projects. Asean Cargo is one freight agent that has the proof to back that claim up. Our special projects include:

  • Asean has overseen the complete dismantle, custom packaging, freighting and relocation of entire factories/plants. We've ensured the most efficient transportation possible for oversized and overweight machinery.
  • Asean co-ordinated the distributed of industrial scale glass shipments to complete major building projects. Our care ensures that this delicate commodity is delivered safely and securely to sites across the eastern seaboard using the required technical equipment.
  • Multiple clients use our air export services for fresh produce. Fresh produce demands time and temperature sensitivity. Asean ensures the 'cold chain' remains unbroken in transit.
  • For years now Asean has imported prototype vehicles for car manufacturer clients. This highlights our ability for full discretion and privacy when needed.
  • Artworks and exhibitions require special care and professionalism that leaves many freight companies ruling out such work. Asean embraces the challenge - we utilise a team of accredited art handling and packing partners based in Sydney. As our company and reputation have grown, so too the volume of works handled.

Please contact us with your enquiry - you can expect a timely response and solution to your project.

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