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  • ICS outages


    Be advised ICS is reporting database issues, affecting all ICS operations for the next 24 hours.

    Its reported they are investigating and will update when appropriate.

    If you have any urgent clearances please advise your broker immediately.

    UPDATE - 2:30PM

    "ICS Processing Issues - Update 4

    Whilst some members reporting improvements in messaging times we have received a further update from the Department (see below) - please also note Phase 2 of BCP is still in operation
    The ICS is continuing to experience significant processing issues affecting many Import and Export documents, notices, Status', etc. User access to the system via Cargo Interactive (CI) is also impacted.

    Due to the large backlog it is now expected that the issue will be resolved and all outstanding reports and events will be processed by 16:00 AEST.

    Clients whose cargo meets the urgent clearance criteria should contact 02 62756100.

    DIBP apologises for any inconvenience at this time.

    CBFCA Team"

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