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  • Mt. Agung Update


    Due to the eruption of Mt. Agung, Indonesian authorities have announced Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali (DPS) is closed from 27 November 07.00 (GMT +8) until 28 November 07.00 (GMT +8).

    For most freight shipments in and out of Australia there has been relatively small disruptions. The major impact has been on high volume passenger routes. Garuda have been forced to redirect flights from Bali (DPS) and Lombok (LOP) until further notice, but all Australian carriers flying into those airports have had cancellations or delays.

    The fear is that an eruption and is dangerous volcanic ash cloud could shroud a large swathe of south east Asian airports, much like the Eyjafjallajökull eruption shut down European airspace.

    Volcanic ash can have long term negative effects on components of aircraft engines. Ash wouldn’t have an immediate impact on an engine but could have long term consequences for air safety, so many airlines rightly opt to ground their fleets.

    The status of the volcano and its ash cloud are changing daily. If you believe your freight may be affected, please contact Asean immediately to sort alternative arrangements.

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